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With duodenitis, the directly adjacent section of the duodenum to the stomach is involved in the inflammation process.

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Bulbitis is an inflammation of the duodenal bulb itself. The bulb opens into the excretory duct of the bile ductzyra, pancreas. It contains the contents of the stomach. It is immediately neutralized. It also begins to produce digestive enzymes.

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There are several types of bulbitis: erosive bulbitis, catarrhal bulbitis, superficial bulbitis, acute bulbitis and chronic bulbitis.
There may be several reasons for the development of bulbitis. The duodenum does not have a mesentery, but there are cases when the embryonic mesentery is preserved. Then the intestine is too mobile, thereby forming additional loops. This leads to a stuck part of the food mass flowing through the duodenum in them. As a result, favorable conditions are created for the reproduction of bacteria that inhabit the intestine. And it is worth some unfavorable factor (spicy and fatty foods, alcoholic beverages) to provoke the rapid growth of these bacteria, as duodenal bulbitis begins.
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In addition to the incorrect location of the intestine in relation to the axis of the body and its excessive mobility, there is also a relationship between gastritis and stomach bulbitis. Gastritis is also a provocateur of bulbitis. With gastritis, as a rule, a large amount of hydrochloric acid is produced, which can be thrown into the duodenum. A superficial bulbite is formed. As a rule, because of this, then erosive gastritis occurs.
It should be noted that helminthic diseases, giardiasis and Crohn's disease are also important in the formation of inflammation of the duodenum.
Injury to the gastrointestinal tract, the intake of irritating food, alcoholic beverages and certain medications can provoke acute bulbitis, since the duodenal mucosa is very sensitive to such influences on it. It has also been proven that Helicobacter pylori promotes inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum, which leads to a significant change in the ph-acidity of the contents of the bulb. Thus, the digestive process fails, due to which irritation develops, and then inflammation. The result - catarrhal bulbitis.
But it often acquires a chronic form of the course of the disease.
According to buy cialis, genetic predisposition also has a role in the occurrence of duodenal bulbitis. This disease can occur with different symptoms and course. It can occur with subtle symptoms, and maybe in an acute form.
In acute bulbitis of the stomach and duodenum, the pain can be quite severe, may be accompanied by nausea and repeated vomiting, sometimes with bile.
A bitter taste may be felt in the mouth. The provocation of such a bulbitis often occurs after drug abuse or after severe poisoning. This can be explained by the fact that the composition of the tablets always contains such a chemical composition, which is a powerful irritant for the mucosa.
Acute bulbitis can also be confused with an attack of gastroenteritis or with acute pancreatitis, which is characterized by cramping pains in the epigastrium, or girdle.
It includes fibrogastroduodenoscopy, x-ray of the stomach, examination of gastric juice. In some cases, they resort to probing. When an attack of bulbitis occurs, it is advisable to immediately take antacids (Gastal, Reni, Maalox, etc.). But this is a temporary relief. An important factor in successful recovery is, of course, the right tactics in the treatment of a certain type of bulbitis.
In connection with the violation of the motor and secretory function of the duodenum, its contents are periodically thrown into the stomach.
As a result, heartburn appears, with symptoms of bitter eructation. Diagnosis of any type of bulbitis is not difficult.
They can also prescribe droppers with saline to relieve symptoms of intoxication of the body.
In acute bulbitis, in addition to antacids, painkillers (No-shpu, Baralgin, Papaverine) are prescribed. Tadalafil drugs will help relieve pain attacks by relaxing the tone of smooth muscles. It is also advisable to prescribe hunger in the first days of the disease, and subsequently a strict diet. It is best to treat acute gastric bulbitis in a hospital setting, where gastric lavage may be required to exclude poisoning.